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Bret Cooper has been involved in football for over 20 years. He has surrounded himself with the best in the business and can leverage multiple resources to get answers to commonly asked questions by parents and their players.

When and where will the bowl game take place?

All games will take place Jan 2, in Dallas Tx. The games will placed at Beverly Humphrey Stadium.

What should I bring with me for the bowl game?

You SHOULD treat this experience as if you were going to play a full contact game. In other words bring your football gear (cleats, football pads, helmet, etc.).

Do we get a game jersey for the bowl game?

Yes! Every player who has been selected will receive pants, belt, jersey and socks. You need to bring ALL PADS. This includes shoulder, girdle and knee pads.

Where can I find the best recruiting tip out there?

Click here to access 1001 recruit tips.

Where can see the NCSA Collegiate Power Rankings by Division?

Click here to read about power rankings.



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